When Life Feels Overwhelming...

...Something's Not Working and Needs to Change. 

When you suffer divorce, job loss, betrayal, breakups or other shocks, you already know how your mind can engulf you in shame, guilt, hurt and fear. It can overpower even the most buoyant people. 


It hurts because it matters.


There are scientific strategies available to help you surf those swells so they don’t knock you over. You can repair relationships that matter, and live the life you treasure.


We all suffer but there are causes and consequences you can identify and modify. By learning to observe your busy mind, instead of being inside it, you can compose a purposeful life. You may need to soften your inner critic, reduce the shame that holds you back, and cultivate a kinder inner voice in order to break through.    


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Mindfulness Skills to
Connect with Ease

Experiential Therapy to Manage Anxiety and Mood

Directive, Scientific
and Effective

In families and groups, feeling different, separate or fearful can cause us great misery.  I help you notice the obstacles that block your connections to supportive people. Mindfulness helps you identify how you avoid  fears and helps ground you in your wholeness to persevere and change. You may need to heal trauma, grief and loss or just learn to connect better.  Safety and acceptance in sessions help you learn skills to manage  emotions and tolerate stress with a new and kinder self-awareness.  

Every session has an experiential aspect, a skill or tool, so your own experience brings you insight into habits and thoughts that hold you back.  These are proven behavioral change technologies that increase self-esteem and confidence.   Metaphors, language, imagery or muscle relaxation can help you find an open and flexible perspective to solve problems.​ Each experiential exercise helps you dissolve the rigid struggle to control or  to avoid difficulties. Radical acceptance  - letting go of resistance - opens your perspective to new frameworks that make it easier to get to your goals.​

Behavioral science and neuroscience are providing new, useful techniques that can be applied directly to your therapy sessions. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is very effective for a range of issues and I rely on it because, in my experience, it works quickly. It helps clients feel better and begin to live a life that is more enriching and meaningful. You can re-wire your brain, stop behaviors that are not useful, change brain chemistry, reduce pain and bring clarity to your unique vision of the good life.  Science brings us the secrets to happiness and you deserve to learn  and apply them.​

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